NOTICE:  Some Higher Value Vintage & Collector Items are listed for Private Sale Only and are not offered on Ebay, Amazon or on most other platforms.


Updated: June 3, 2023

Shipping and Handling

Customers are responsible for all shipping fees for purchases through The shipping cost, may be, in some instances, included as part of the item cost, and as such, may not be displayed as a separate cost or line item. Customers are responsible for entering correct shipping address information; any returns for incomplete addresses or incorrect addresses may be subject to additional shipping charges. We encourage customers to use addresses in which shipments can be received during business hours. If using a PO Box location, please also include an alternate physical address should the delivery service not be able to make PO Box deliveries. A signature may be required upon delivery. By using the purchase facility on the UNRETAIL.COM website you agree to be responsible for receipt of goods and to track your delivery in a reasonable manner, if and when tracking information is provided to you. Should your package be deemed undeliverable by the delivery service, additional fees may be charged to make arrangement with you to attempt another delivery. Deliveries in the U.S. will be predominantly via U.S. Postal Service and may include tracking facilitation as determined by the U.S. Postal Service. Unless other wise stated or made know to you from time to time, deliveries in Canada, will be predominantly via Canada Post, and will only include transaction confirmation for each shipment individually, due to the high cost of additional charges for Canada Post tracking facilitation.  UNRETAIL.COM does may ship outside of the U.S. other than to Canada, and we reserve the right to decline sending Orders to any Package or Freight Forwarding Company, specifically any such company that has not been pre-approved by UNRETAIL.COM.  UNRETAIL.COM has the capability and can contract with it's own approved Carriers and may offer those services for shipments to destinations outside of the U.S. and Canada.  For all Non-USA destinations, a shipping cost quotation will be provided once an Order is entered. Buyers are required to pay for Shipping Insurance relating to loss or damage of product(s) being shipped.



UNRETAIL.COM only accepts returns for items that we shipped incorrectly (as in "wrong part shipped"), or for Warranty related matters. You will need to ensure the product(s) are returned with any and all inclusions and accessories and in good physical condition (no scratches) such that the product presents as resale-ready. Prior to returning any product, you must first acquire an RMA number and instructions from UNRETAIL.COM and inform us of the date upon which the item was shipped back to UNRETAIL.COM. UNRETAIL.COM will not accept any return without an RMA Number clearly marked on the outside of the package.

Defective Product: In the unlikely event that you receive a product which is deemed to be defective, and or if the product fails to work for the term of the warranty, the customer, at his or her own expense will be required to contact a UNRETIAL.COM Customer Service Representative to procure an RMA Number. UNRETAIL.COM will only be responsible for shipping fees for product being sent to the Customer. Customers will be responsible for any shipping costs in shipping the Return items to UNRETAIL.COM. If any product is returned incomplete, UNRETAIL.COM will either return the product back to the customer at the customer's expense, or the Customer will be required to pay a fee for those items which are deemed, solely by UNRETAIL.COM, to be missing, included but damaged beyond repair, and or included but incorrect as per the invoice/RMA documents.

Warranty: UNRETAIL.COM will provide a Thirty Day (30-Day) Limited warranty on products WHICH ARE SOLD WITH WARRANTY NOTIFICATION. This however, does not apply to all Products, as some are and may be sold in "AS IS" condition, free of any Warranty, whether implied or other, and any defect or failure including but not limited to manufacturing defects and or a manufacturing defect causing a failure of the intended performance.

UNRETAIL.COM may change this Agreement from time to time as it deems necessary. Any changes will be posted at the Terms of Service section of the UNRETAIL.COM website, currently located at UNRETAIL.COM. Notice will be considered received by you and any such changes will become binding and effective on the date the changes are posted to the website. The Agreement as posted supersedes all previously agreed to, electronic and or written terms of service.


Additionally, Customers will not be permitted to cancel their order at any time after notification of fulfillment has been provided via a) an email to the customer, and or b) after such time that UNRETAIL.COM provides EITHER  a "Readied for Shipment" status update on the Order History of the Order on the UNRETAIL.COM Website  OR WHEN Shipping/Tracking information has been entered to/on PayPal, or at UNRETAIL.COM, regardless of whether the customer has a) access to said email account and /or has opted to deploy an alternate email account and has not provided notice of change to UNRETAIL.COM. and or b) whether or not the Customer has access to the internet at any time after the notice has been provided/posted.  In instances where a Customer moves to cancel an Order which has been paid on PayPal or any other Electronic Payment Gateway or Service, prior to the fulfillment of such order for any reason, said Order shall be subject to a minimum USD $7.00 Network Fee and the Payment Gateway Non-Refundable Transaction Fees for both the Sale of Goods or Services transaction, and for the Credit /Refund of the monies against the Sale of Goods or Services transaction; which could amount to minimum USD $0.60 each per transaction, or more, as determined by the Payment Gateway at the time UNRETAIL.COM received payment settlement. Fees for Monies. FX Exchange may also apply as will any other fees relating to or with the Logistics process including procurement of USPS stamps and or Insurance.