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Battery Corrosion Guard® 3oz Bottle with Built-In Applicator Brush • NEW

  • Battery Corrosion Guard® 3oz Bottle with Built-In Applicator Brush • NEW

Battery Corrosion Guard® 3oz Bottle with Built-In Applicator Brush
Protect your battery connections from corrosion.
Be sure to use Battery Corrosion Guard® for new battery installations and for any previously corroded battery connections - no matter the connection style; post & clamp, side mount or stud.
Nothing beats BCG in providing the Best Corrosion Protection available today.
Battery Corrosion Guard® has a long list of applications

Fishing and Pleasure Boats

BCG is ideal for use in all watercraft, boats and other marine equipment having battery and other electrical and mechanical connections.
Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles
The largest consumer market segment BCG is that of the automobile owner wherein each and every vehicle type is susceptible to corrosion and in need of BCG for their battery and other electrical and mechanical connections.
Tractor Trailers
The largest vehicles in the automotive world can easily be brought to a stand-still when corrosion is at the heart of the problem. BCG is a savior to these giants of the road and helps to keep corrosion at bay regardless of their environmental operating conditions.
Recreational Vehicles
You work hard. You play hard. Don't let corrosion spoil your fun. Put BCG to work so that you can have fun at play. Whether you enjoy snow, dirt, or water when playing outdoors, using BCG on all your battery and other electrical and mechanical connections, is a must.
When thinking Solar Energy the focus turns to batteries and electrical contacts and connections. BCG is a key component in keeping Solar Grids producing at peek capacity while staving off corrosion in all operating environments.
Heavy Machinery
The larger the industrial machine, the more it costs to keep it running and more so when having to pay the operator when the machine is down due to corrosion problems. Avoid those costs with a regimen of BCG usage to ensure little to no down time.
The Fleet is in...good hands, that is, with BCG. Thousands of traveled miles in extreme weather and road conditions will certainly provide corrosion challenges. Using BCG as part of the maintenance regimen will guarantee better performance and longer life for your Fleet equipment.
An entire operation can be brought to a grinding stop when it's fork lifts aren't working. Don't let that happen to you. Corrosion on battery post and electrical connections will slow cripple your ability to function Get BCG on the job, and rest easy.
All Battery Terminals
...the world over are currently undergoing an attack by corrosion in one form or another; unless they've been treated with BCG. Don't be a statistic! Put BCG on it! Say good-bye to corroded batteries and electrical connections.
When weather takes a toll on the connections of your sport or play-time machines, use Battery Corrosion Guard® to prevent lost vacation time or down time on the job.
Stop Corrosion & Neutralize Acid
Battery Corrosion Guard® is made in the United States of America and has been preventing corrosion for over 20 years!



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